We offer process equipment and technological lines for the processing of milk

Our offer includes both mini-lines with a capacity from 100 to 1000 l / h. and industrial lines with a capacity of 100,000 l /day

Products that can be obtained by applying our technologies to dairy include

- Pasteurized Milk

- Fermented beverages like yogurt etc

- Cream

- Cottage Cheese

- Tvorog

- Semi-hard and hard cheeses

Process equipment included in the production lines

- Milk collection stations

- Storage tanks single and double-insulated coat

- Mixing one-coat, double-insulated coat

- Fermentors

- Pasteurizers milk, cream, mix milk, sugar syrup, juices and drinks

- Pipe-type holders

- Separators for milk

- Homogenizers

- Tanks for the digestion of solids

- Mixing stations - yogurt with fruits

- Yoghurt smoothers

- Creamery

- Baths for the production of cottage cheese

- Presses for tvorog

- Presses for cheese

- Baths for pressing curd

- Chees presses on trolley

- Tvorog pressing vats

- Internal transport systems

- Packing machine's Buffer Tanks

- Packers of milk and milk drinks in bags

- Packers cream, yoghurt  in a sealed aluminum foil cups

- Extruders for the production of polypropylene film, 3, 4, 5 layer for subsequent formation of buds

- Thermoforming machines for molding cups

- Washing stations C.I.P.

- Milk Pumps

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